"From just a piece of paper and a good idea, designer Cantemir Gheorghiu has invented a new fun accessory in Berlin." (ZEIT ONLINE, 05.07.2010)

It is a pair of paper glasses without lenses, but with a statement: Sharper look! The man behind the PAPPBRILLE paper glasses is designer and performance artist Cantemir Gheorghiu, who initially started the idea off as a simple joke regarding the forced nerdy look of hipsters, especially regarding their over-sized glasses. Once inside a club, he had managed to trade his paper frames for a free drink with the barmaid. The colourful accessory had arrived with a bang not just inside Berlin clubs, but on the streets as well. The business idea of the paper glasses was born rapidly. 

Soon after the paper glasses unexpectedly won great popularity as a party accessory; in 2010, at the Cabaret Festival in Berlin-Neukölln Cantemir receives an invite by the editors of German newspaper ZEIT along with his stock of paper glasses for their style section. The article triggers a media hype and leads to the German breakthrough of the paper glasses. 

Cantemir produces several copies of the glasses with customised motifs for the Football World Cup and the Christopher Street Day. Since then, it has become available in a variety of different colours and designs. Equipped with the craziest materials such as felt, and other such tangible textiles, it has become a popular element in the party outfit at a very small price. It also ties in well with the saying "Poor but sexy", the city of Berlin's coat of arms. 

It is in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg where Gheorghiu is constantly working on new designs with a different twist; fashion designers order Special Editions of customized paper glasses for their collections. PAPPBRILLE paper glasses become a fashion must-have.

At Berlin Fashion Week in January 2011, Cantemir presented the glasses on a guerilla catwalk with a red carpet rolled out. Following trade show presentations, opticians from all over Germany wanted the cardboard glasses in their range and Dutch & Finnish concept stores made orders on the glasses. within a year, the paper accessory was available in more than 200 European stores. PAPPBRILLE paper glasses is a success story made in Berlin, without any capital but with a lot of heart, wit, creativity and a bit of luck!

Since Cantemir was chased by security of the Bread & Butter festival with his vendor tray filled with glasses in Summer 2011, in 2012, he finally created his own official stand presenting his products, followed by a series of other products such as paper bowties, paper ties and paper bags. The variety of products are united under the umbrella brand PAPP UP which would finally become a private label.

2013 went back to the roots: Cantemir Gheorghiu's latest coup, the PAPP UV, is in the starting blocks. It is a realignment of the glasses as we once knew them. PAPP UV sunglasses are made of hard fibbers, a mixture of wood and paper - the former, more familiar model has been entirely reinvented.


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Min: €0 Max: €45

Sunglasses PAPP UV "POET"

UV 400 /made of wood leftovers /colours (4)

€44,00 *

Sunglasses PAPP UV "Cosmo"

UV 400 /made of wood leftovers /colours (4)

€44,00 *
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