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Who is behind OEL?

We are two regular young guys from Berlin, friends since school, with a preference for traveling the world and hopping between jobs that no one else would think of doing. Waiter, Christmas tree salesman, bartender, water filter representative, baker, environmental conservation society employee, construction worker, and full-time backpacker are just some of roles listed in the mishmash that we call a resume. As of last year, we can add the shared title of ‘business partner’. But to start from the beginning: We spent 13 years obediently going to school where, every day and in every subject, we would learn the ‘who? when? how?’ of people who had said and done amazing things in this world. By the end of it, we were totally restless and dreaming like crazy of how we could do the same. Our plans for revolution and world domination were called off due to bad weather. Then our plans for the Nobel Prize were cancelled due to being terrible scientists. Only the most obvious plan remained: become olive oil producers. Luckily, one of us is Greek and had a few olive oil trees lying around, while the other had some free time. So we could test ourselves in tranquility as growers, harvesters, and distributors.

After some surprise successes, we began to see the project as more and more feasible and promising. Since then, our passion for the “green gold” has skyrocketed along with our workload. We have founded a company, purchased land, registered trademarks, acquired licenses, and paid taxes (lots of taxes, to be precise). Having undergone those administrative ordeals, we are now trying our best to physically imitate our new sculptured Greek role models. So we spend our time building our muscles, curling our hair, and reducing our clothing to those bare necessities in the loin region that a civilized society requires. And we produced olive oil happily ever after.


Min: €0 Max: €15

Olive oil "OEL"

Olive oil / 500ml

€12,00 * Unit price: €24,00 / Liter

Olive soap "OEL"

90g / 100% organic

€5,00 *
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