Lufth. Cocktail

Lufthansa Cocktail

Once served on Lufthansa flights in the 1950s and 1960s, now served with new content and a lot of new zeitgeist. A range of six bottled-aged cocktails, prepared with high auality premium spirits and accorrding to recipes from the world best bars. 

The idea of serving pre-mixed cocktails on board of Lufthansa flights already originated in the 1930s. By bottling the ingredients of the cocktails beforehand, based on approved recipes and brand spirits, one could not only save space but also maintain the high-quality standards of the cocktails. So when Lufthansa relaunched in 1955, every guest of the First Class was welcomed on board with this specially developed cocktail henceforth.
In the 1960’s flying became a status symbol. For this occasion a range of three bottled cocktails was introduced by the former licensee Mampe: Party, Bitter and Dry Martini. Thus, items like the Lufthansa Cocktail transported the luxury and exclusivity of flying into the nation’s living rooms.
In 2015, the former bartenders Steffen Lohr and Bastian Heuser took over the Lufthansa Cocktail trademark. Inspired by their motto “wherever you are, your favourite cocktail is here” they conceptualized a range of First-Class cocktails, based on brand spirits in the bars around the world. All cocktails are bottle-aged and ready to serve.

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Dorfstr. 56, 
15910 Schlepzig 


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Min: €0 Max: €30

Lufthansa "Old Fashioned"

Ready to serve cocktail/ 500ml

€28,90 * Unit price: €57,80 / Liter

Lufthansa "White Manhattan"

Ready to serve cocktail/ 500ml

€22,90 * Unit price: €45,80 / Liter

Lufthansa "Pear Gimlet"

Ready to serve cocktail/ 500ml

€22,90 * Unit price: €45,80 / Liter
Lufth. Cocktail Lufthansa Cocktail "Classic"
Sold out

Lufthansa Cocktail "Classic"

Ready to serve cocktail/ 500ml

€20,90 * Unit price: €41,80 / Liter
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