The creative marriage of industrial-, product- and fashion design in the Hänska team gives them the means to explore and design products with a wide range of expertise. Every design is realized with unconventional rules of construction. They give themselves space for experimentation allowing for chance encounters that result in acquiring a new aesthetic language.

Hänska finds inspiration in traditional packaging elements combined with a love for geometric shapes. They are always on the search of new materials, which directs how details could be finished. They design their products with a new generation of active, creative users in mind; whose daily journeys seamlessly move from urban to outdoor environments where work and adventures melt into one.

All the products are handmade in the Berlin based Studio by talented craftsmen/women. Having the production in their design studio is wonderful, as they can be in constant communication, allowing the production process to flourish.

They believe in using only high quality materials, that are certified, made to last and as locally sources as possible. The linen which is used is grown and woven in Germany, which is a real rarity nowadays. The Acrylic fabric, which is absolutely water-repellant, colourfast and extremely durable is made in France and has been approved by the Oeko Tex Standard. The high- tech mesh, which is normally used for Catamaran trampolines and outdoor furniture, is made in Switzerland and is 100% recyclable as well as Oeko Tex standard approved. All leather parts are from naturally tanned and come from Portugal.

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Min: €0 Max: €350

Backpack "Moire anthrazit"

Bag / Shopper / Anthrazit

€105,00 *

Backpack "Leather black"

Bag / Shopper / Italien leather

€325,00 *

Backpack "Moire White"

Bag / Shopper / Mesh

€105,00 *
Hänska Backpack "Moire light grey"
Sold out

Backpack "Moire light grey"

Bag / Shopper / Mesh

€105,00 *

Backpack "Lucid Jette"

White-Grey / Handmade / 3 styles

€195,00 *

Backpack "Moire Blue"

Bag / Shopper / Mesh

€105,00 *

Backpack "Lucid Natural"

Beige / Handmade / 3 styles

€195,00 *

Backpack "Catamaran Natural"

Beige / Handmade

€265,00 *
Hänska Backpack "Catamaran VYS01"
Sold out

Backpack "Catamaran VYS01"

Handmade/ Limited Edition / Size M

€200,00 *

Backpack "Lucid Nora"

Black-Darkgreen / Handmade

€155,00 *

Cardholder "Hänska"

Leather / Mesh / 2 colours

€35,00 *

Bag "Weekender" Linen

Bag / Backpack / Light beige Linen

€275,00 *

Wallet "Hänska"

Leather / Mesh / 2 colours

€95,00 *
Hänska Backpack "Lucid Mesh Grey"
Sold out

Backpack "Lucid Mesh Grey"

Grey / Handmade / Mesh

€170,00 *
Hänska Backpack "Catamaran Mesh"
Sold out

Backpack "Catamaran Mesh"

Grey / Handmade / Size M

€230,00 *
Hänska Backpack "Catamaran Neil"
Sold out

Backpack "Catamaran Neil"

Handmade / Size L / Taupe

€195,00 *

Bag "Weekender" Grey

Bag / Backpack / Grey Mesh

€195,00 *

Pouch "VSY"

Small bag / Screen Print / Limited

€35,00 *
Sold out


Small Bag / Black / Zipper

€30,00 *

Laptop sleeve "Pop sleeve 3D"

Wash-bag / Cross body bag / All in one

€90,00 *

Bag "Weekender" Black

Bag / Backpack / Black Mesh

€195,00 *

Bag "Weekender" White

Bag / Backpack / White Mesh

€195,00 *
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