Berliner Brandstifter

Berliner Brandstifter – 7 times filtered, 100% Berlin

Berliner Brandstifter is committed to the development and production of unique and high quality spirits with a discreet yet distinct Berlin character. Both Berliner Brandstifter Korn (grain spirit) and Gin undergo a 7-fold filtration process and are characterized by their particularly mild flavour. The filtration also ensures that impurities which would affect the aroma and taste (and contribute to hangovers!) are effectively eliminated, while preserving the fine flavour. The Ingredients are sourced from Berlin and Brandenburg regions and are organically grown.Brandstifter is bottled by hand, every bottle is numbered and there fore one of a kind each time. Since 2009, Berlin-born Vincent Honrodt has been perpetuating a family tradition going back to the 19th Century, when Vincent’s great grandfather, director of the sugar refinery in Vossberg near Berlin, developed a passion for distilling spirits from various grains and sugar beet from the region to share with his loved ones.

Thanks to its exceptional purity and its pretty mild, even flowery flavour it stands out and delivers a unique tasting experience straight from the capital. Berliner Brandstifter has also convinced the media. The New York Times recently recommended Berliner Brandstifter as one of 15 perfect European gifts.

Berliner Brandstifter Berlin Dry Gin
The 7-fold filtered (basic spirit is our 7-fold filtered grain spirit) Berliner Brandstifter Berlin Dry Gin is a remarkably mellow and fresh juniper dry gin. Its unique character is the fruit of a delicate combination of elderflower, fresh cucumber, mallow and sweet woodruff. The plants used to develop the essences for its production are grown on Berlin farmland according to the strictest of requirements. The harvest is limited, and only a few editions a 9,999 bottles are produced per year. Unique to the production process is the seven-fold filtration, which helps to eliminate the impurities that can cause hangovers, so you can have another drink and even a next morning with no remorse – a win-win situation. 

Berliner Brandstifter Premium Kornbrand
Not a vodka, nore a whiskey: Berliner Brandstifters very first attempt to the premium liquor market was a fine spirit called Korn, a very traditional German spirit —produced using whole grain wheat, rye, barley, buck, wheat or oat. Made in a historic family-owned distillery in Berlin, Berliner Brandstifter Premium Kornbrand is only produced in small quantities, bottled by hand, and numbered. The Korn undergoes a 7-fold filtration process, making it exremely mild a perfect compagnion in a mix or even on a single date.
Berliner Brandstifter GmbH
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10179 Berlin, Germany 

Vincent Honrodt
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Gin "Brandstifter"

0.7 liters / Dry / 3 sizes

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