my/Berlin - with Kristiane Kegelmann

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my/Berlin - with Kristiane Kegelmann

Where are all the candy lovers at?
Today we’ve got something very special for you! Food artist and designer Kristiane Kegelmann will give us some insights into what she’s doing in Berlin and her absolute favorite spots in the city.

If you haven’t heard from her, it’s about time! The cool thing about her is, that she’s an artist, whose pieces are not only pretty, but also transient. Her installations and sculptures are edible (and beyond delicious!!). This month Kristiane is moving into her new studio in Prenzlauer Berg, where she’ll be planning and executing exciting new projects. Cool thing about it though, is that you can actually go there on special “open studio days”, take a look at her smaller creations and buy some of her pieces – amazing!

And now, get ready for Kristiane!

1. When and why did you come to Berlin?

I came here in fall 2015, after I’ve spent almost 4 years in Vienna. I come from a classic patisserie background and when I decided to do it my own way, meaning to keep working with the same “material” but in a different context, it had be somewhere else.
Berlin seemed to be perfect for that. The city is a center of creative exchange, not just for traditional art but also when regarding gastronomy.
I play with the perception and presentation of food. I contextualize patisserie with contemporary art and create truly unique experiences with my edible installations. Here in Berlin, where I’m currently redoing my new studio, I can work on many exciting projects in Berlin, Germany or internationally.

2. How do you think Berlin is going to change within the next 10 years?

It will get harder for young creative (chefs, designers, artists…) to establish themselves in the city. The continuing appetite for new concepts and exceptional events is still there, but the execution is always linked to high costs. Just a couple of years ago, many creatives came here, because they new they could try out different things and still afford life. The rents are rising, Berlin will get more and more attractive for international companies. A vicious circle.
However, still I think, that it is the only city in Germany, where gastronomy, culinary pleasures and art are so closely linked, that there will always be brave people, who aren’t afraid to just start and try out things.

I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen next. 

3. Your favorite Berlin designer/shop?

Designer Shop: Bazar Noir
Favorite Designer: there are so many, but this couple is making something truly special: Aoiro (Airdesign)

4. Where do you take your friends & family when they visit?

Camon Coffee, ORA, Hamburger Bahnhof, Volksbühne...

5. Let's talk about food! What's your all-time favorite restaurant or street food place?

I love Nobelhart & Schmutzig. The food is amazing, the atmosphere cozy and what I like most: I totally forget the time and the world outside, when I’m in there. That’s such a rare thing when you’re self-employed, so these moments are absolutely precious.

When it has to be a little bit more affordable, I’m foing to Ishin at Mittelstrasse – such a great lunch.

If you like to know more about Kristiane, her work and the open studio days, visit her facebook page! Just recently, Kristiane launched a kickstarter campaign that will help her to afford the kitchen in her new studio. Please support her! You'll be rewarded with lovely delicacies, that's for sure!


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