Let us introduce you to... Fundamental.Berlin

Let us introduce you to... Fundamental.Berlin

We are convinced that the first cooperation partner to sign up with of/Berlin deserves a special introduction in our blog space. Which is why we are going to dedicate our very second article to them

Let us introduce you to... Fundamental.Berlin

Fundamental.Berlin is a holistic home and living concept and part of the Fundamental Group based in Berlin. Describing themselves, Gunnar and Stephen are always using the term ‚collective‘ - a collective making mathematically inspired architecture, furniture and artifacts. 


The two of them met each other at the UdK Berlin where they were studying architecture. Both of them were tutors with different professors resulting in a rather competitive situation between the two. After a while, however, they realized that they didn’t dislike each other that much and in 2006 Gunnar moved into Stephen’s apartment.

During the renovation of the place, they noticed that they could very well be working together and so it all started…


Reading through their manifesto, you will quickly notice the parallels between their beliefs and their product design. Their principles are (1) patterns grow in the mind, (2) pardon your mistakes freely, (3) order is hierarchy, (4) happiness is the longing for repetition , as well as (5) make do and mend.

Go ahead and see for yourself!

xoxo of/Berlin

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