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Top 10 - Berlin Fall Essentials

Top 10 - Berlin Fall Essentials Looks like we’ve been a little too optimistic when we published our Berlin Summer Essentials a couple of weeks ago. Here summer was less than bad, it was awful, it was non-existent. But, whatever happens this fall, no matter how bad the weather’s going to be, we’ll make the best of it!

Here’s a list of our Top 10 favorite things to do this fall…

Top 10 - Berlin Summer Essentials 2017

Top 10 - Berlin Summer Essentials 2017 It’s official: summer’s is on and there is no doubt that the sun’s here to stay! While many Berliners tend to leave the city during the hot season, we really like to stay and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with loads of outdoor events, lazy days at the park and delicious food.

Time to publish an overview of our Top10 Berlin summer essentials and to start getting ready!

Top 10 - Gifts for someone you love

Top 10 - Gifts for someone you love Please don’t take this the wrong way: we’re not saying valentine’s day is something you need to celebrate, or something that should be taken as another opportunity for companies to make loads and loads of money. Definitely not!

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